Survey Results

Here you can find candidates’ responses to our survey. 21 candidates have responded so far (we will update as additional responses are received). Ward summaries include the responses of each candidate in the ward to each question, and each individual candidate’s responses are also available.

Don’t know your ward? Check the map!

Summaries Individual responses
Mayoral candidates Daryl Bennett
Diane Therrien
Ward 1 – Otonabee Brock Grills
Bob Hall
Lesley Parnell
Jason Andrew Wallwork
Ryan Waudby
Kim Zippel
Ward 2 – Monaghan Henry Clarke
Charmaine Magumbe
Dave McGowan
Don Vassiliadis
Jeff Westlake
Ward 3 – Town Kemi Akapo
Jane Davidson
Jenny Lanciault
Dean Pappas
Jim Russell
Ward 4 – Ashburnham Gary Baldwin
Ian Peddle
Paul Rellinger
Keith Riel
Sheila Wood
Ward 5 – Northcrest Andrew Beamer
Dave Haacke
Zach Hatton
Stephen Wright