Candidate Survey

We’ve asked all candidates to complete a survey asking them about their positions on sustainable economic, cultural, social and environmental policies. See candidates’ responses to the survey.

We can all influence our candidates to support sustainable policies! Ask them:

  • How will your policies mitigate the impacts of climate change and help us adapt for the future?
  • How will you build and honour relationships with First Nations and Metis people?
  • How will you promote diversity and welcome newcomers in Peterborough?
  • How will you support the arts?
  • How will you support people living in poverty?
  • How will you ensure we maintain a healthy environment in and around Peterborough?

Here are some opportunities to meet the candidates:

  • 2 October, 6:30-8:30pm, Peterborough Square lower level (former temporary library location): All Candidates meeting on social issues hosted by a number of community organizations (see Facebook event for details)
  • 4 October, 6:00-8:00pm, The Venue: Mayoral debate
  • 9 October, 6:00pm, Evinrude Centre: Peterborough This Week Electionfest

Here is the text of the survey that we have asked all candidates to complete along with examples that help explain the questions.

Peterborough Needs City Councillors who understand the need for a Sustainable Peterborough.

Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough (V4SP) has prioritized the needs of a “Sustainable Peterborough” based on:

  1. The Sustainable Peterborough Plan and the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) approved by City Council in 2013 and 2016
  2. The City’s Strategic Framework, 2016
  3. The 5 themes for the revised Official Plan, plus public engagement and good governance concepts.
  4. Updated evidence from science, political analysis, experience.

Survey Questions

  1. Please tell us what policies you would support that address the goal of Ensuring Sustainable Economic Policies.
  2. Please tell us what policies you would support that address the goal of Ensuring Sustainable Cultural Policies.
  3. Please tell us what policies you would support that address the goal of Sustainable Social Policies.
  4. Please tell us what policies you would support that address the goal of Sustainable Environmental Policies.
  5. Please tell us what policies you would support that would increase transparency of government, democratic decision making, and citizen engagement.

Here are some examples:


  • A “Local Improvement Charge” to fund retro-fitting older homes to meet carbon reduction goals.
  • Tax incentives for local innovation, manufacturing and training using technology that shifts Peterborough, and the country, to 100% renewable energy.
  • Standards that will force new building to meet net zero energy standards.
  • Transparent zoning/tax policies for local small businesses
  • Support for denser development along main roads, near down-town, using empty spaces, and creating complete communities.


  • Building and honouring relationships with First Nations and Metis Indigenous communities.
  • Welcoming newcomers and diversity.
  • Supporting the arts to stimulate our community, culture and creativity.


  • With community input, develop and fund new, collaborative strategies to minimize homelessness in Peterborough.
  • Advocate for a guaranteed annual income.
  • Support safe mixed neighbourhoods for families, youth, and elders; develop and expand strategies in partnership with existing organizations to increase local food production and economies to ensure healthy and accessible food for all.


  • Plan and protect a robust network of natural places that connect us to good health, each other and nature
  • Fund healthy transportation choices with good design, using cheaper, easier, greener solutions.

Transparency and citizen engagement

  • Commit to a form of ranked ballots for the next municipal election
  • Permit direct questions from citizens.
  • Continue the participatory budget program.