A Sustainable Future for Peterborough

We see the effects of climate change in many parts of the world, even here in Peterborough where the weather has become more unpredictable in recent years.To adapt to these changes, we must create a sustainable future, one where we consider the environmental consequences of all that we do. As we move away from fossil fuels, learn to consume less, recycle more, and integrate renewable resources into our everyday lives, the promise of a sustainable future will become a goal we can realize.

Our most immediate goal must be to reduce carbon emissions. The Peterborough Regional Community Sustainability Plan is a good starting place for voters to increase their understanding of how we might do so. This Plan shows us how the interdependence of the environment, economy, social life, and culture must be considered when government makes plans for our future. As voters, we must ask our candidates to explain how they would implement policies that promote sustainability in our City, and elect those whose understanding of what needs to be done is most thoughtfully and clearly expressed.

Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough (V4SP) has prioritized the needs of a “Sustainable Peterborough” based on:

  1. The Sustainable Peterborough Plan and the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) approved by City Council in 2013 and 2016.
  2. The City’s Strategic Framework, 2016.
  3. The five themes for the revised Official Plan, plus public engagement and good governance concepts.
  4. Updated evidence from science, political analysis, experience.

V4SP has Policies to Support a Sustainable Future

Peterborough – Nogojiwanong, situated on Anishinaabe territory (Williams and Rice Lake Treaties), is uniquely positioned to become a national leader in creating innovative approaches and opportunities for the development of a sustainable world focused on providing quality of life for all, now and for future generations.

The first task is for citizens and politicians to understand the importance of sustainable engagement and governance at city hall:

  • Establish a process that allows all people to express their views, to feel they have an impact on decisions
  • Make cooperative decisions in the public interest using best practices for governance.
  • Develop a strong public service: no privatization or contracting out. Keep PDI under Peterborough ownership.

Second, voters and politicians must recognize that ‘Sustainability’ means making decisions based on the interdependence of economic, social, environmental and cultural issues which are often pitted against each other. A sound economic policy, for example, is only helpful if it also supports our environment, culture and social life. Healthcare and education are key components of this mix.

V4SP supports Municipal Candidates who will work to ensure:

1.Sustainable Economic Policies: 

  • Establish a “Local Improvement Charge” to fund retrofits in older homes to meet the City’s carbon reduction goals
  • Give tax incentives for local innovation, manufacturing and training, using technology that shifts Peterborough, and the country, to 100% renewable energy.
  • Develop standards now to require building construction and retrofitting to meet net zero energy standards.
  • Support local small businesses with tax/zoning policy.
  • Support denser development downtown along main roads; develop complete communities using empty spaces.

2.Sustainable Cultural Policies:

  • Build and honour relationships with First Nations and Metis Indigenous communities that uphold their inherent treaty rights, land title, culture and language.
  • Encourage diversity by welcoming newcomers.
  • Support arts and heritage – essential for our community.

3.Sustainable Social Policies:

  • Support safe, mixed neighbourhoods for all age groups.
  • Advocate for a guaranteed annual income.
  • Fund collaborative strategies to minimize homelessness.
  • In partnership with existing organizations, develop and expand strategies to provide healthy and accessible food for all, including support for community and neighbourhood gardens and institutional local food purchasing.

4.Sustainable Environmental Policies

  • Plan and protect a robust network of natural places that connect us to good health, each other and nature.
  • Fund well-designed transportation choices that support healthy activity, ease of use and low cost.

“Caring communities balancing prosperity, well-being and nature.

Ask the Candidates for Council in your Ward if they support a Sustainable Peterborough.

Vote for them if they will support the sustainable policies outlined here.



Please VOTE!






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