On October 22, let's elect local officials who will support a sustainable future for Peterborough!

Our mayor and city councilors determine how our city runs, what gets built, and what services are provided. We’ve made it easy for busy citizens to find out local candidates’ policies on sustainability.

Get out and vote!

You can vote online any time between October 9 and 22, or in person on October 22nd at a voting location.

Check to make sure you’re on the voter’s list.

Find out what ward you live in. 

Find out who is running in your ward.

Are you a student? You’re eligible to vote in both your home municipality (where you’re from) and in the municipality where you attend school. Some things you can bring along to the poll to prove you live in Peterborough, if you don’t have official ID showing your local address:

  • a document showing your on-campus address issued by the school;
  • a utility bill showing your name and local address;
  • a credit card bill or bank statement showing your local address;
  • a pay stub showing your local address, or;
  • a transcript or report card from your school.

Learn about the candidates

Learn how sitting councilors and the mayor have voted on important issues related to the Parkway, the sale of PDI, and major developments by checking out the Council Report Card.

See how candidates responded to the Vote for Sustainable Peterborough survey.

Hear directly from the candidates:

  • 27 September, 5:30 pm (location TBA): Peterborough and Kawartha Association of Realtors public debate
  • 2 October, 6:30-8:30pm, Peterborough Square lower level (former temporary library location): All Candidates meeting on social issues hosted by a number of community organizations (see Facebook event for details)
  • 4 October, 6:00-8:00pm, The Venue: Mayoral debate
  • 9 October, 6:00pm, Evinrude Centre: Peterborough This Week Electionfest

Interviews with many of the candidates can be found on the Pints and Politics podcast.

Voting Day – Add October 22 2018 10:00 to your calendar

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