A Sustainable Future for Peterborough (Federal)

We see the effects of the climate crisis in many parts of the world, certainly in the fires of the west and the drought on the prairies.  Even in Peterborough, the weather has been more unpredictable. To adapt to these changes, we must create a sustainable future, one where we consider the environmental consequences of all that we do.  As we move away from fossil fuels, learn to consume less, recycle more in integrate renewable resources into our everyday lives, the promise of a sustainable future will become a goal we can realize.

Our most immediate goal must be to reduce carbon emissions.  The Peterborough Regional Community Sustainability Plan show us how the interdependence of the environment, economy, social life and culture must be considered when the government makes plans for our future.  As voters, we must ask our Federal candidates to explain how they would implement policies that promote sustainability in our city.  We owe it to our children and their children to elect those who most thoughtfully and clearly expressed their commitment to our community’s future.  We must also ask whose party has been actively and realistically planning for this climate crisis.

Here are four questions that fit the definition of sustainability.  Ask these questions of yourselves, of your family, friends and neighbours, and finally, of your Federal candidates.


What is the role of the federal government in ensuring no one is left behind in the grand decarbonization transition before us?


The IEA (international Energy Agency) has said that the path to net-zero emissions by 2050 cannot include more fossil fuel infrastructure.  This means no more exploration, no more pipelines, only electrical energy in new buildings and redirection of fossil fuel subsidies to job transition.  What will your party do to ensure this happens?


Would your government declare safe and affordable housing to be a human right in Canada?

How will you reformulate of definition “affordable” in Federal Housing Funding programs to levels that make it possible for persons on provincial social assistance and at lowest income scale to afford rents?


What will your government do to respect/support the cultural diversity that is such a Canadian strength?